Creative Concept

Providing special and unique approach developing to any of tasks you order!

Amazing Design

Need a new, unique design? It's for us! We give a human form to the old engineering applications!

Cost Effective

Fast and professional -
on all steps of development, this is what we offer to all our customers


Support and protect private research in our applications, in modern and proven ways

What We Do?

Exprocad is an IT service, software development and engineering consulting company that delivers a unique blend of real-business experience with a strong engineering, international project delivery and value chain optimization expertise.


Exprocad primary expertise is development of complex large-scale cluster-oriented systems (CAD engineering solutions) and applications in various industries.


We offers complete cycle of software development and IT services: analysis, design, programming, testing, system reengineering, integration, maintenance and support.


Exprocad represents an expirience of 2 generation of scientists in wide area of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and data analysis. Company ownes special developed product DSPSol


Experience in small and large web scale services, developed cost effective solutions for front-end and back-end web and server systems

Our Products


CAD engineering software to design air handler unit for ventilating and airconditioning systems. Calculates air handler unit and it's components, graphically representing all in 2D and 3D views.


Software for calculating finned heat exchangers with a focus on energy recovery, since 1987 as a neutral software house with currently 7,500 licenses worldwide!

Stratos EMS

Special software for controlling and managing a wood cutting automatic system. User graphic interface and communication between software and hardware.


Software for research of signal processing algorithms in intensive noises in different information control systems, technological processes

Look for signal processing software?

Try our special product SCADLAB

ScadLab it's software package for researching and designing signal processing algorithms against the background noises.

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Keep in touch with us

Stanislav Korniliev
Tupoleva str. 17 | Kyiv | 04128

+38 067 277 33 55

Exprocad Ltd. has a development facilities in Kiev, Ukraine (Eastern Europe)
Our clients can reach us by direct flight from any world-wide destination (about 2 hours from main Europe airports, and direct flight from New York).